Trough shaped plate with handle horizontal stainless steel | GSV-No. 7803 F
Trough shaped plate with handle horizontal stainless steel | GSV-No. 7803 F
7. February 2019
Cabinet latch with push-button knob Brass | GSV-Nr 4340
Cabinet latch with push-button knob Brass | GSV-Nr 4340
7. February 2019
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Short plate with cylinder hole distancing 75mm brass / stainless steel (304) | GSV-No. 6657 Z

SKU: 6657 Z

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M5 x 42mm for door thickness 35-40mm as standard
M5 x 66mm for door thickness 22-64mm (6mm cuts) Brasss
M5 x 70mm (DIN 965 | Stainless steel)
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Stainless steel
Stainless steel polished
Brass satin chromed
Brass polished
Brass polished chromed
Brass satin nickel
Brass polished nickel


PDF 6657 Z stainless steel

DWG 6657 Z stainless steel


Short plate with cylinder hole
GSV-No. 6657Z
distancing 75mm
plate square
Brass / Stainless steel
through fixing bolts
consisting of
outside short plate 6645Z/1 fixed knob
inside short plate 6645Z/2

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DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 management certificate
Info standard material grade stainless steel in Schwepper products
  • If material grade is being specified as ‘stainless steel’ – components alloy generally 1.4301 (V2A) / AISI 304.
  • For stainless steel mortises components inside and outside alloy generally 1.4301 (V2A) / AISI 304.  Mortises with privacy function (WC) additional component in seawater resistant material (brass).
  • Note: Stainless steel alloys might have magnetic properties through mechanical processing!
Infos on products in compliance with ISPS-Code / anti-piracy

Schwepper products for compliance with ISPS-Code are standardized in DIN 81 316 (plates for handles and keys to mortises on ships) and DIN 81 301 (mortises with latch für hinged doors on ships). Therefore they constitute the basis for the demand of the ISPS regulation after SOLAS XI-2.


  • Heavy duty Locks & Hardware
  • Integrated latch lever function
  • Cylinder function, choice of Standard or High Security cylinders
  • Choice of Locks & Hardware made of Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Antipanic-Release-Function with locks GSV 3801 APZ and GSV 3811 APZ
  • Choice of Standard or Antivibration Latch
  • Rim- or Mortise Locks to suit different types of doors
  • Exterior escutcheons with fixed knob

Description of operation

From the outside the latch – and if double locked, also the dead bolt – can be retracted with the key (latch lever action). A door can be opened from the outside with the key only as the knob is fixed ( turn of the knob is not necessary / possible ). Double locking from the outside is always possible with the key.

From the inside the door – even if double locked – can be opened by engaging the handle only (Anti-Panic-Release- Function). From the inside the door can always be double locked with the key (or with a cylinder thumb-turn).

The Anti-Panic-Release- Function guarantees easy access from the inside in case of emergency. The Latch Lever facilitates retraction of both latch and dead bolt when the key is used from the outside.


Note on chemical hazardous substances

Our products do not contain the following chemical hazardous substances:

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Other fully halogenated CFCs
Carbon tetrachloride
Methyl bromide
Anti-fouling systems containing organotin compounds as a biocide
Cadmium and cadmium compounds
Hexavalent chromium and hexavalent chromium compounds
Lead and lead compounds
Mercury and mercury compounds
Polybrominated biphenyl (PBBs)
Polybrominated dephenyl ethers (PBDEs)
Polychloronaphthalenes (Cl >= 3)
Radioactive substances
Certain shortchain chlorinated paraffins
Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS)
Brominated Flame Retardant (HBCDD)
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Video quick tutorial: What is the key lever / latch lever action?
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Super sale Turning Latch GSV 4631 in stainless steel AISI 316
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