Schwepper Lock & Hardware Products

Locks & Hardware for Yachtbuilder

Schwepper basks in a global acclaim. As a manufacturer and ally for yacht enthusiasts, builders, planners, and consultants, our core mission is to deliver the yacht building industry the excellence it craves. The resonance of individual needs echoes in the product quality that defines Schwepper.

Locks and Hardware for the commercial maritime industry

All products are engineered for maritime environments, addressing factors like material, strength, corrosion, and fire protection. The Schwepper standard catalog provides solutions for diverse application challenges, organized into 16 groups based on functionality.

Product engineering according to customer specification

An emotional touch to the company's prowess lies in its decades-tested skill: tailoring standard products uniquely to customer desires or crafting bespoke solutions. Our Research and Development team executes this with a passion for perfection.

Products for Railway & Mass Transportation

Locking systems for mass transit or specialized doors: Catering to the unique demands of high-tech or specialized applications is considered a key account in our company. The precision of our products and project support is customized according to individual customer specifications.