Trough shaped plate with cylinder hole handle horizontal distancing 75 / 72mm Stainless steel | GSV-No. 7803 Z
9. September 2020
Trimset for espagnolette lock | GSV-No. 9019 B
30. September 2020
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Full Service of quality customized solutions out of one hand

Schwepper offers a full service design and manufacturing of a lock function out of one hand according to submitted specification. The service encompasses the complete process from submission of RFQ to the manufacturing of the product.

Send us Your RFQ with specifications.

The process in detail:

  1. Feasibility study
  2. Engineering cost estimation
  3. Technical Engineering and design processing on customer´s specific construction order
  4. Preparation and submission of commercial offer
  5. Order processing on customer´s production order
  6. Production and product delivery

No stock of the item - will be manufactured after the order is placed.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 management certificate
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